Visa Support

If you need visa to enter in Romania, please contact the Conference Secretariat ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to ask for an Invitation Letter to present to your local Romanian Embassy or Consulate. Note that the Invitation Letters for short-stay visa purposes can only be sent to participants who have completed the registration process. However this letter does NOT involve any commitments of the Conference Organizers concerning visa obtention and does NOT cover fees, accommodation, travel expenses or other costs regarding the Conference participation.

1. List of countries whose nationals, holders of simple travel documents, must be in possession of a visa upon entry in the Romanian territory can be found at:

2. General information regarding the conditions of entry on the territory of Romania can be found at:

3. Information and documents which you should send us via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in order to receive an official Letter of Invitation:

a. Title, name and surname of the participant needing a visa
b. Citizenship
c. Date and place of birth
d. Passport no., date of issue, period of validity
e. Affiliation, complete address of your institution, telephone, fax, e-mail for contact
f. The estimated period of your stay in Romania
g. The name and the address of the hotel in Sinaia where you have made the booking
h. Members of the family who will (eventually) accompany you in Romania (wife, husband, children)
i. Address of correspondence where we should send to you the official Letter of Invitation

4. For the participants having the nationality from one of the countries marked with * in the list of countries mentioned at point 1., an additional invitation noticed by the Romanian Office for Immigration is necessary, which they must submit when they apply for the visa.

This additional invitation is issued by Romanian Office for Immigration in max. 60 days from the request sent by our University, as Official Organizer of the ICSTCC 2012 Conference. In order to make this request to the Romanian Office for Immigration, you must provide to us the following items:

j. Items a-i mentioned at point 3.
k. A copy of the passport
l. 2 recent photos 3X4 cm (A file containing an electronic version of your photo is also accepted).