Submission Guidelines

Authors should submit an original paper in English, carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling, using the on-line submission procedure. The initial submission must have between 3 to 8 pages otherwise it will be rejected without review. Please check the paper formats page so you may be aware of the accepted paper page limits.

The guidelines for paper formatting provided at the conference web ought to be used for all submitted papers. The preferred submission format is the same as the camera-ready format. Please check and carefully follow the instructions and templates provided. Each paper should clearly indicate the nature of its technical/scientific contribution, and the problems, domains or environments to which it is applicable.

All papers should be submitted by web upload only: Easy Chair.

Paper submission types:

A regular paper presents a work where the research is completed or almost finished. It does not necessary means that the acceptance is as a full paper. It may be accepted as a "full paper" (20 min. oral presentation) or a "poster".

After the reviewing process is completed, the contact author (the author who submits the paper) of each paper will be notified of the result, by e-mail. Authors are required to follow the reviews in order to improve their paper before the camera-ready submission.

All accepted papers (full, short and posters)  will be published in the conference proceedings, provided that at least one author listed on the paper has registered for the conference and that the final paper is submitted in due time. Moreover, at least one of the authors must attend the conference and present the paper. If this condition is not met, the paper will not be published in the Conference Proceedings and it will not be included in the IEEE Xplore Database.

Publication and Copyright Transfer Form:

Papers submitted for presentation should contain original research, not published or being considered for publication elsewhere. Authors of accepted papers are expected to attend the conference and present the paper. Selected papers will be invited to appear in a special issue dedicated to the conference of the Journal of Control Engineering and Applied Informatics (ISI Journal). Other selected papers will be invited to appear in: Bulettin of the Polytechnic Institute of Iasi; Annals of the University of Craiova; The Annals of "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati.

As a part of the procedure, authors of accepted papers must send us a signed Copyright Transfer Form for each paper. Missing the document may lead to paper unpublishing.

Copyright Transfer Form is available here in doc or pdf format. The scanned version (pdf format) will be submitted by web upload only: Easy Chair.

Important notice:

The final version of the paper has to be verified on following the instructions available below. The error-free pdf file returned by IEEE PDF eXpress has to be uploaded on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


IEEE PDF eXpress is a free service to IEEE conferences, allowing their authors

to check PDFs for IEEE Xplore compatibility (PDF Check function)

(for any problems, you can contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Recommended steps:

1. Convert your file to pdf.

2. Access the IEEE PDF eXpress site (

First-time users (without an account on IEEE PDF eXpress site):

a. Click "New Users – Click Here".
b. Enter the Conference ID (icstcc2012x), your email address and choose a new password.
c. Fill the account form with the required information.
d. Check that the contact information and click "Submit".

Previous users of IEEE PDF eXpress site, who are using the site for the first time to this conference:

a. Enter the Conference ID (icstcc2012x), your email address and the password.
b. The site shows the message:

“You are recognized by the system as an existing user but you do not have an account for this IEEE PDF eXpress™ Conference ID. You must set up an account first.”
Click continue and reintroduce your email and password.

3. For each conference paper, click "Create New Title".

4. Enter the title of the paper and click "Submit PDF for Checking".

5. Upload your pdf file. You will receive an email confirming the successful upload.

6. After some time, you will receive another email showing if your file passed or failed the test.

If any errors are detected:

a) Read the PDF Check report and click "The PDF Check Report" in the sidebar to get information on possible solutions.
b) Correct the errors and resubmit the PDF by clicking “Try again”, then “Submit PDF for Checking”.

c) Repeat the above procedure until all errors are solved.

If no error is detected, download the attachment of this email.

9. Upload on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as the final version of ICSTCC 2012 paper the free-error file returned by IEEE PDF eXpress. It is mandatory to not change the title given by IEEE PDF eXpress.

More detailed instructions could be found at