Presentation Guidelines


Oral Presentations
All technical session rooms are equipped with a computer running Microsoft Windows with Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Using a pen drive or a CD, speakers may access the above mentioned equipment. Speakers may also use their own computer.

Poster Presentations
Posters will have dedicated sessions during the conference. In these session authors must be next to their poster to answer the questions. All posters will be displayed on panels with a size of 140 cm x 110 cm.
The poster size must not exceed the A0 (84 cm X 118 cm) portrait format.  Please use an appropriate font size for the posters so that they are readable by the participants 1.5 meter away. The poster message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation.
Please assure the poster is placed on the board before the beginning of the poster session. Authors are required to stand by their posters during the whole poster session since this is when the participation certificates will be given. The poster presenter must also bring the poster already printed.