Paper Formats


All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, provided that at least one author listed on the paper has registered for the conference and that the final paper is submitted in due time. Moreover, at least one of the authors must attend the conference and present the paper. If this condition is not met, the paper will not be published in the Conference Proceedings.

The participants must prepare the full version of their paper, following IEEE Conference Submission Standards. For details and MS Word and LaTex templates and support, please visit:

Maximum six pages A4 in double column format are allowed. Authors may upload longer manuscript up to a maximum of eight pages total. However, each page in excess of six will incur a charge of 50 Euros.

Papers submitted to Conference can be accepted in one of the following two categories:
Full Papers: Papers allocated 20 minutes for oral presentation (including discussion). These papers are assigned a 6-page (8 pages with extra charge) limit in the conference proceedings.
Posters: Papers presented as poster are assigned a 6-page limit in the conference proceedings.

If absolutely needed, it will be allowed to increase the total number of pages by a maximum of 2 extra pages. However, for each excess page the author will have to pay an additional fee.

An author who has an accepted paper, irrespective of the paper type (full paper, short paper or poster), must be registered as a speaker. No other registration type will be accepted.